Apache JMeter Introduction

  1. JMeter is java based open-source tool by Apache for load and performance testing of an application.
  2. JMeter comes with a user-friendly GUI and many performance testing features helps in testing web servers, websites, and web applications. ( performance testing is a process of testing the application heavy load, multiple and concurrent user traffic.

For Example: To test a web application like google.com with 1000 users is difficult and cost consuming process to provide infrastructure for 1000 users. Hence JMeter helps in creating and simulating the environment to know the performance of the web application.

Users interacting with web application
  • Core advantages of JMeter:
    • Open-source license – Totally free
    • Friendly GUI – Easy to use
    • Platform Independent – java desktop application, can run on multiple platforms.
    • Full Multi-threading framework – multiple thread groups for testing
    • Visualize Test Results – view reports.
    • Easy installation – need to run .bat file.
    • Highly extensible – supports plugins.
    • Unlimited testing capabilities – can be integrated with bean shell and selenium.
    • Support multi-protocol – different protocols like SOAP, LDAP, JMS, JDBC, HTTP and FTP are supported by JMeter and can also be used for database performance testing.
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