JMeter Thread Group explanation

You can define the Thread Group Name and comment based on the project requirement.

Action to be taken after a sample error:

Continue: If single test plan in the thread group breaks/error then the complete process will be stopped.

Start Next Thread Loop:  If any error occurred in the test case then it will exempt the present thread and continue with the next thread.

Stop Thread: If any error occurred in the middle of execution of any test case in the thread the whole process will be stopped.

Stop Test – the entire test is stopped at the end of any current samples.

Stop Test Now – the entire test is stopped abruptly. Any current samplers are interrupted if possible.

Thread Properties:

Number of Thread Users: it defines numbers of concurrent users for the website you are testing.

Ramp-up period (Seconds): It defines the seconds/ time gap between one user to another to access the website.

Loop Count: It defines how many times a particular user hits the website.

For Example:

Number of Users: 100

Ramp-up period: 10

Time gap between the users = (Ramp-up period)/(Number of users) -10/100 =0.1

So for every 0.1 second, user hits the website.

Loop count: 5

So every user hits the website 5 times. Therefore Number of users * Loop count (100*5) = 100 times users will hit the website.

Delay Thread creation until needed:

If user chooses this option, the ramp-up delay and startup delay are performed before the thread data is created.

Specify Thread lifetime:

When the users select the “Specify Thread lifetime” then user needs to enter the Duration (seconds) and Startup delay (Seconds) – so that the particular process is delayed based on the time entered and will only start based on the specified time.

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