Project Management Practices ๐Ÿ˜Š nice to have.

Project Management (PM) drives with two approaches i.e., waterfall for predictive approach and Agile for adaptive approach. Practices are defined based on the project life cycle.

Must Have ๐Ÿ˜Š

PhasePM PracticePreferred method
Project InitiationProject Idea PaperDocument analysis
 Project CharterDocument analysis
 Kick-off meetingParticipant observation
 Stakeholder registerDocument analysis
Project Initial PlanningHigh level project scope planDocument analysis
 Project procurement planDocument analysis
 Project Staff planDocument analysis
 Dissemination and communication plan 
 Milestone listDocument analysis
 Responsibility assignment matrixDocument analysis
 Risk registerDocument analysis
Project Execution, Monitoring/Controlling and ReplanningProject Issue logDocument analysis
 Benefits logDocument analysis
 New project ideas logDocument analysis
 Quality InspectionDocument analysis
 Progress reportDocument analysis
 Progress meetingsParticipant Observation
 Change LogDocument analysis
 Re-baseliningDocument analysis
 AuditsParticipant observation
 Lesson learned registerDocument analysis
Project ClosureProject closure reportDocument analysis
 Project closure meeting 

Nice to have ๐Ÿ˜Š

ApproachPM PracticePreferred Method
WaterfallWork Break Down Structure โ€“ WBS (Scope baseline) Gantt chart โ€“ Project ScheduleParticipant Observation
 PM Software for monitoring schedule 
AgilePlanning for iteration based agileParticipant Observation
 Product Backlog โ€“ Backlog Preparation, Backlog refinementParticipant Observation
 Release Planning schedule 
 Daily Standups 
 Sprint Backlog 
 Sprint Review 
 Sprint Retrospective 
 Continuous integrationParticipant Observation
 Self-directed work teamsParticipant Observation
 Burn Charts โ€“ burndown or burnup charts 
 Kanban boards 
 Simple Design 
 Process miniature 
 Essential Interaction Design 
Common (Must Have)Requirement analysisParticipant Observation
 Activity list 
 Effort Estimate 
 Meeting MinutesDocument Analysis
 Project Communication roomParticipant Observation
 Social MediaDocument Analysis
 Team building eventParticipant Observation
 Information radiator 
 Decision Log 
 Earned Value management 
 MoSCOW method of prioritization 
 DemonstrationsParticipant Observation
 Testing (Test plan, Test driven development, Independent testing)Participant Observation

Project team should carefully evaluate the project before following the agile approach, Since the adoption of agile will constitute a series of challenges when compared to waterfall method. It is important to select the appropriate the PM practices, so that the project can meet the established standards and objectives. Since each project is unique and it has its own strategy.

There are multiple PM Bodies of Knowledge such as PMBOK. The knowledge required to manage projects is largely based on underlying assumptions with identifiable patterns and generalization, guidelines for โ€˜best practiceโ€™ can be established and replicable absolutely on every circumstance. O PM2 Project Management Methodology guide developed by European Commission by considering the projects that are usually focused on research and development.

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