Pros and Cons of Affiliate marketing

Pros and Cons of Affiliate marketing

Cons of Affiliate marketing

There is a lot of competition because the number of individuals out there needs money then space is crowded however a very few marketers doing in the right way i.e., build a brand and become the authority of your niche and watch how you stand with the rest of your competitors

It  takes a lot of time atleast you have to wait for two months to get revenue in Affiliate marketing.

There is no guarantee of revenue that means we cant predict month of your revenue because the products are not owned by you it belongs to merchant he may changes the price or commission of product or services. It is not our control it may affect your revenue prediction.

It appears spammy in nature. We cant collect customer information it is easy to sell  with existing customer. We can build relationship with individual go through the process and nourishing the client offer the value and become your customer it easy to get repeated business if you continue offer the value. Since A customer comes to your website clicks your affiliate links and redirect to merchant website it becomes difficult to capture mail id thus loss the opportunity to build customer base for yourself.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing

The sky’s the limit there is no limit for your commission setting up the systems to promote the single or multiple products and it can work for you and earn unlimited commissions 24/7.

This is global industry worth well over $12 billion.(source :statistica). Affiliate Marketing growing globally.

Affiliate marketing gives freedom to when and where do you want to work. All you need laptop and stable internet. Flexible working hours to do Affiliate marketing.

There is no invest in Affiliate marketing we only need to invest to build the website and developing the content to promote the Affiliate products. Logistics is not your concern that is your relief. There is no office rent and no shipping and delivery concern and customer care all these taken by the product company

No expertise needed to start. You can start right away however if you need to top Affiliate marketer . you need to constant learner and learn from top Affiliate marketers and how they promote it .

There is passive income once you set up your system it works for you even if you are sleeping and vacation with your family.

Affiliate Marketing is suitable for all ages. There is fast growth with no signs of stopping .

Clearly there is more pros than cons.

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