Samplers – HTTP Requests

The sampler lets the quality analyst to test the HTTP/HTTPs request to a web server and wait for the response. There are two sections for the HTTP request to run i.e. Basic and Advanced. All the details in each section must be filled based on the user requirement. (we will learn about the basic section)

— can be used for SOAP or REST Webservice also


Web Server: –

Protocol: User needs to enter the request whether it is HTTP or HTTPS.

Example: Http

Sever Name or IP: the web main address is entered here


Port Number: The port on which the server name or IP is allocated with.

HTTP Request: –

Method: Depending upon the type of request (GET, PUT, DELETE etc..) user needs to select.

Example: GET

Path: After the main server Name is entered remaining will be path.

Example: /changes.html

Finally add “View results tree” from listeners to view the results

Note: the number of users to visit the website concurrently is configured in the thread group setting.

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