Supply Chain Introduction

In a Broad Spectrum Supply chain is a movement of goods and information from once echelon to another echelon. As the usage of multi-echelon supply chains are increasing day by day managing the typical supply chain to drive towards efficiency is becoming a challenge. In today’s competitive environment supply chain and logistics Quality has become one of the primary option in every firm. Globalization of business, infrastructural bottlenecks, increasing uncertainty of supply chain network, shortening of product life cycles proliferation of product variety have forced Indian firms to look beyond their four walls.
Distribution is a key driver of the overall profitability of a firm because it affects both the supply chain cost and the customer value directly. Supply chain is confronted with dynamics; there is need for increase in optimistic way to maximum customer satisfaction.
Many of the large firms in the supply chains have a long way to go before realizing their full potential for a truly linked supply chain management system. As a consequence, costs must be lowered throughout the chain by driving out unnecessary costs and focusing attention on adding value.

Different tires of logistics include

1PL Shipper
2PL Traditional Transportation Provider
3PL Integrated Logistics Service Provider
Out sourcing of logistics services that are to be performed in house of the organization. Where 3PL is gaining more importance in India as logistics being emerging business.
4PL High Level Logistics/IT Consulting
The consulting service which integrates technology, capabilities and resources of own organization with other organization to design, build and run comprehensive supply chain solutions.
5PL Consulting for the High Level Logistics/IT Consultants
6PL Artificial Intelligence Driven Supply Chain Management
7PL Autonomous Competitor Created to Test Alternative Supply Chain Strategies
8PL Super Committee Created to Analyze Competitor’s Results
9PL Crowd Sourced Managed Logistics Strategy
10PL Supply Chain Becomes Self Aware and Runs Itself

Warehouse Operations comprise of major functions like receiving, putaway, storage, picking, packing, and shipping. Optimizing these major six functions of the warehouse will allow organizations to streamline the process and reduce cost & errors.

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