Test Case Template Design

What are the different elements of a test case template? How a test case template should be designed. Automation and Manual testing require test case template to make all the stakeholders understand the test cases and different scenarios.

The following are the basic elements/fields considered in the test case document. By considering all the elements a test case document can be designed.

Test case ID: The ID of the test case

Test case summary: The objective of the test case

Related requirements: The ID of the requirement this test case related to

Prerequisites: Any preconditions that must be fulfilled prior to executing the test

Test procedure: step by step procedure to execute the test

Test data: the test data, or links to the test data, that are to be used while conducting the test

Expected Result: The expected result of the test

Actual Result: The actual result of the test, to be filled after executing the test

Status: pass or fail. Other statuses can be not executed if testing is not performed and blocked if testing is blocked

Remarks: Any comments on the test case or test execution

Created by: the name of the author of the test case

Date of creation: The date of creation of the test case

Executed by: The name of the person who executed the test

Date of execution: The date of execution of the test

Test Environment: The environment in which the test was executed

Test Scenario ID: If you are maintaining a separate test scenario sheet and test case sheet. (Scenarios should be linked with test cases)

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