Test Plan – JMeter GUI

User can add elements required to the test plan by right clicking on the “Test Plan”.

JMeter cannot execute without any elements in the test plan, Once user added the element and can remove it by right clicking on the required element and click on remove.

Saving the Test Plan in JMeter

Before user runs the test plan, it should be saved first. Saving helps to run avoiding errors. User can save the test plan by following below steps:

File – > Save Test Plan as à enter the filename and choose the file destination.

Run a test plan in JMeter.

Once the test plan is ready with all the elements. User can select the test plan and click “Start” Icon. Once the JMeter starts running it shows “Green” indicating the process has started. It also indicated active threads/ total number of threads.

Once the user clicks on “Stop” button the process can be interrupted or stopped. (Shortcut: – Ctrl + ‘.’)

Test report JMeter After the Test is completed, test report is generated and saved as error log file (Jmeter.log) with the test result summary.

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