The 3p’s in Affiliate Marketing

3 p's of Affiliate marketing
The 3p’s in Affiliate marketing are product, platform and promotion.

 The  3p’s in Affiliate marketing are product, platform and promotion. We will talk about our first p that is product.

The 1p’s in Affiliate marketing

 The product or the service is your offering. We need a product to sell and most Importantly, a product that would solve a problem. There is no market if the product or services does not solve the people’s problem. If the product solves the people’s problem then you are in business and making money with that product.

The 2p’s in Affiliate marketing

The second p is platform

If you consider affiliate marketing is for short term or part time work then you promote your affiliate links on social media e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Quora, etc. but if these channels decides to stop displaying such ads. Or for all, you know they suddenly shut down operations (which are definitely not on the cards) or change their algorithm. If it happens what are you going to do, then consider Affiliate marketing for long term

I have strongly recommended having a platform on your own. Have a website of your own and build your own brand. You can continue to use the channels and forums mentioned above. But these should all be links directing the customer back to your website, i.e., your own platform.

The 3p’s in Affiliate marketing

All the top Affiliate marketers have their own platform – their own website, youtube channel, podcast, etc. They drive traffic from various channels into their primary platform, offer value and get the customers interested in a product offering.

The final P is  for Promotion . you have a great product, you have a platform set up and now, you need traffic. And how exactly do you bring in traffic into your platform?

They are five primary sources for generating traffic





Social Media

If you follow these sources you get traffic to your websites. These 3p’s plays a major role in Affiliate marketing.

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