Why content marketing is related to consumer generated marketing

Content marketing

Firstly we shall know about the content marketing and know about the consumer generated marketing. Because these two closely have relations ships with each other.

Content communication of information for the different users through any medium is called content. It can be in any form of information like video text images audio pages and some people think that content is just social media posts. No let’s understand social media content is part of content it’s not whole content.

For Example: see any book cover there you will observe many things mentioned there like book name publisher name author name these things also include as content. Content is everywhere and coming to marketing part, what do you think why brands spend a lot of money on marketing there are two smartphone companies both made same quality same configuration. But what do you think which phones has more attractive towards to the customer and let me give you answer companies which have better perception in market sell more mobile than other company some of you don’t know what is perception of a particular way of looking or understanding something is called perception

Let’s imagine that one company is apple and second company is newly launched their name is basicstodo.com now this company sells more of course apple because people look apple product as quality product and this is perception and marketing is all about perception. Final part content marketing creating out changing perception about a brand person through content is called content marketing. And yes we can strategically change perception about brand person through content marketing but this is not a one day game it’s a long term game.

It takes time but if you create a right perception in your audience very it has ultimate roof that you can’t imagine. So let me tell you more many benefits for content marketing

  • Improve brand reputation
  • Content marketing delivers 3x leads then other marketing channels

Studies show that 84% of people trust the opinions of strangers as much as or even more than the opinions of friends or family. Statistics like these have driven a massive rise in Integram influencers and YouTube vloggers and a million dollar deals, along with humongous growth in consumer generated marketing or CGM, of products and services amongst savvy marketing teams. Today, let’s take a closer look. So what is consumer generated marketing and how is it related to content marketing? CGM (Consumer Generated Marketing) is a brilliant yet under-utilized type of marketing strategy used to build an inexpensive marketing campaign. All you have to do is encourage customers to create content, often in the form of product reviews, photo sharing or social media content and join in on the conversation that they spark. And this content which is optimized and built by customer to drive more traffic to your sites and increase the product sales.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not entirely. User generated content is, as you might expect, kind of fickle. Some businesses find it easy to initiate consumer generated content because they’re already super popular with their customer base or the product might be something that’s not all that niche, whereas other businesses might get about posting about their product once in a blue moon. It’s tricky. That’s why with CGM encouraging user generated content as part of the feedback stage is a big part of the process. After all, as with any marketing avenue, you need a strategy and the content you receive might not always be applicable or aligned with your creative ideas and large scale marketing decisions. Who responds to consumer generated marketing then? Well, as far as marketing trends go, CGM is astoundingly popular with younger consumers who are Internet savvy and are tired of seeing the same old marketing campaigns from their favorite brands. Given that user generated content is a type of content created by customers, it appeals to customers who see it as a more truthful representation of a brand’s value, often through social media posts. In essence, it’s word of mouth for the Internet age. But instead of telling your friend that they should check out the pet store down the road, you’re telling someone halfway across the world about it. Now that we’ve discussed some of the benefits of CGM, it’s also important to consider some of the risks. The first of these risks is that your online presence and reputation may come under a lot of scrutiny. Now, more than ever, Internet users aren’t afraid to air their grievances online.

Brands nowadays are so active on social media and understandably want to manage their reputation. So people often use it as a quicker way of contacting customer services when they’ve got an issue. So if your business doesn’t have the best reputation online, you need to get that fixed before you even consider going for consumer generated marketing activities. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe and leave a like. And if you’re on YouTube, make sure you hit that bell so you can stay up to date on all of the latest videos delivered every week to your inbox. Now, with that out of the way, let’s look at some awesome ideas for user generated content so that you can turn current customers into loyal customers down the line. One idea is personalized items when we buy personalized things, we’re already more likely to share them on social media, whether that’s a new dog tag or a custom T-shirt or a Starbucks cup, we love showing off things that relate to us. If you already sell personalized items, then you’ll likely already have some user generated content to work with. But if you don’t, consider if it’s feasible to offer personalization’s on some of the things that you sell. Along with personalization, competitions also a great CGM strategy, which is why they are used so often as part of marketing content. All you need to do is decide what content you want your users to generate, whether it’s a photo of customers, online reviews or blog posts come up with a way to expedite the customer data collection process and decide on appropriate prizes to ramp up customer engagement. Consumer generated marketing is clearly an exciting means to market.

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